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Contributions to entities and associations for training and refrescher courses for Italian language teachers in local schools (chapter 2619/3, 2024)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) informs that foreign and private schools, no-profit organization/association, regulated by local law and operating within the jurisdiction of each consular district, may apply for contributions for training and refresher courses for local teachers of Italian language. These contributions are aimed at promoting the Italian language and culture in foreign educational institutions – NO UNIVERSITIES.

The expenses that can be covered with the contribution are listed in Article 5 of D.D. 0319/2024: a. compensation for training teachers; b. travel and accommodation expenses; c. expenses related to teaching materials; d. secretarial expenses; e. expenses related to the purchase and/or rental of equipment; f. rent expenses.

The contributions are intended to cover only a part of the eligible expenses. Therefore, the applicants must quantify the eligible expenses that they are able to support independently and send a detailed description of the project.

Documentation required

Requests for contributions, as provided for in Article 6 of D.D. 0319/2024, must include the following documentation:

  • LETTER FROM THE APPLICANT: on letterhead, must contain a detailed explanation of the request.
  • REQUEST FORM (FORM D): the request must be filled out using only the form D, which must be completed in all its parts. Please note that activities must commence in the year 2024 and conclude within the timeline specified in Article 4.3 of D.D. 0319/2024.
  • FINAL REPORT ON THE LAST CONTRIBUTION RECEIVED (FORM D2): only for entities that have already benefited from contributions in previous years.

Applicants must use exclusively the forms attached to this message; the forms must be digitally filled out without making any modifications to the text. The duly completed forms must also bear the signature of the responsible person, the date, and the stamp.

Please note that a minimum of 10 participants in the proposed courses will be required to benefit from a ministerial contribution under chapter 2619/3.

Failure to comply with the formalities and deadlines specified in this message will result in the inadmissibility of the contribution request.

The contribution will be granted to requests that exceed the minimum score of 50 points.

Submission Deadline

Requests, accompanied by the Letter, Form D, and if necessary, Form D2, must be sent via email to this Embassy at the following email address: by March 26, 2024.