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Study qualifications


Study qualifications

Educational level qualifications equipollence

Foreign academic qualifications are not automatically recognized in Italy. Foreign citizens who are intended to have them recognized have to submit an application to the student department of the consular office. Instead, Italian citizens have to present an application to the Italian studies supervisor, after having requested for and received by the student department the declaration of value. Once academic qualifications obtained abroad are declared equivalent to the Italian correspondent ones (8th grade, high school diploma and university degree), they acquire legal effectiveness which means, for example, that a person with Italian citizenship has the right to participate in public contests announced by the Italian Public Administration.


Declaration of value

Foreigners and Italians citizens residing abroad can access Italian Universities upon the submission of an application to the consular office containing the documentation listed below. All documentation has to be approved by the competent Italian authorities, based on the titles obtained abroad. Then, the student department has to verify and certify that academic qualifications are admitted to access Italian university courses and programs.