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Marriage and Civil Status


Marriage and Civil Status



1. General information

Follow the link to get more information about getting married abroad.


2. Legal capacity certificate

In order to get married, Filipino authority demands for the so-called Legal Capacity certificate. Both the engaged, by appointment, have to appear at the Consular office with the following documents:

  1. Passports
  2. Certificate of Single Status issued by the municipality of residence (ONLY IF of the engaged resides in Italy)
  3. Birth Certificate with notes including the following wording “valid for abroad”. The certificate must be dated not later than 6 months from the application date (ONLY IF one of the engaged resides in Italy)
  4. Birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) (FOR THE FILIPINO ENGAGED)
  5. Certificate of no marriage record (CE.NO.MAR) issued by the PSA (FOR THE FILIPINO ENGAGED)

The Italian citizen can also fill up a self-certification which can be provided by the consular desk. Please consider that in such case, the consular office has to undergo all the necessary verification before issuing the certifications which may imply a delay in the process.


3. Marital Agreement

Before the marriage, it is suggested to settle the type of marital agreement, that is, a community or separation of property agreement. In case of separation of property agreement, before the marriage, a Prenuptial Agreement released by a Notary public will be required. The signature and license number of the notary have to be authenticated by the Regional Trial Court and the agreement has to be provided with the apostil of one of the offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).


4. Transcription of marriage

In order to transcript and validate the marriage in Italy, the certificate of marriage has to be:

  1. Recorded at PSA
  2. Provided with the Apostil of DFA
  3. Translated in Italian (here’s the embassy’s translating offices)

At this point, both or just one of the spouses with the other’s authorization, can come at the consular office desk and apply for the request of transcription.

NOTE: Please be aware that the consular office will carry out verifications with Filipino authorities and the costs will be charged to the applicants. Time procedure will exclusively depend on Filipino authorities.


Follow the attached links to view consular office opening hours and schedule an appointment.