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The Italian Embassy in Manila issues ordinary 48-page single-format electronic passports. The current passport regulations do not allow neither the renewal nor the addition of pages to the booklet.

Upon the consignment of the new passport, the previous booklet is cancelled and returned to the holder.

The period of validity of the passport differs according to the age of the holder: for children under 3 years of age the validity is 3 years; for children from 3 to 18 years of age the validity is 5 years; for adults the validity is 10 years.



Compatriots, parents of minor children, are hereby informed that as of June 14, 2023, it will no longer be necessary to present the other parent's consent for the purpose of issuing their identity document (passport and CIE), pursuant to Decree Law 69/2023.

Specifically, the amended Article 3-bis of L. 1185/1967 indicates that when there is a concrete and present danger that due to the move abroad this may evade the fulfillment of his or her obligations to the children, it will be possible for the other parent to apply for an inhibition on the issuance of the document.

The application may be filed with the competent judge at the ordinary court where the child has his or her habitual residence or, if the child is resident abroad, the court in whose district his or her AIRE registration municipality is located.

For the purpose of issuing documents for minors, however, the requirement of signed consent from both parents or those exercising parental responsibility remains.

Only in the case of citizens of a European Union member country, the consent can be acquired through the appropriate form, duly completed and signed, accompanied by a copy of the passport or Italian identity card of the person concerned (including the page with the signature). The consent form is available in the "Forms" section of our website and at the Consular Office of the Embassy.

The act of consent of a parent who is not a citizen of the European Union, must be signed in front of an Italian Public Official upon presentation of the passport (N.B. other identification cards with the bearer's details issued in the Philippines are not valid identification documents for the Italian Authorities). In particular, for the Philippines, the consent can be obtained at the Embassy of Italy in Manila, at the Honorary Consulate in Cebu; for Italy, the consent can be obtained at a Questura; for other foreign countries, the consent can be obtained at an Italian diplomatic-consular representation.

In case of death of one of the parents, it is necessary to present the apostilled death certificate of the concern.



In order to submit the application for a new passport, the applicant must present himself, on the day of the appointment (booked online through the Embassy’s website), at the Consular Office of the Embassy.

This Embassy in principle is authorized to issue passports to Italian citizens legally residing in the Philippines, applications for passports for citizens passing through or occasionally in the country will be processed only in duly verified exceptional cases, in this case the time of issuance is considerably longer having the need to acquire the required authorizations.

On the day of the appointment, the applicant must submit the following documents to the Consular Office:

- Application form, duly completed and signed (available in the "Forms" section of our website or at the Consular Office of the Embassy);

- Current passport;

- 2 recent colour passport photos, with the face in the foreground and white background, with dimensions: 4 cm high by 3.5 cm wide (the size of the face must occupy about 2/3 of the passport photo);

- 116 Euros: payment must be made in cash in Philippine peso equivalent (according to the current consular rate, which is set quarterly by the Embassy);

- if needed,consent of the other parent (see above).



Application for a new passport for a minor must be made by at least one of the parents. The above referred provisions on the obtaining of consent shall always apply.

The procedure to be followed for submitting the application is the same as indicated in the previous paragraph.

Physical appearance of the minor applicant is necessary.



Except for technical problems or impediments, Italian residents in this Consular territory who are regularly AIRE registered through this Embassy and who apply for a passport upon proper presentation of the required documentation, the passport will be released during the day or in the course of few days.

For Italians residing in Italy or residents in another Consular area, after having been verified the exceptional conditions of the request, the passport will be issued after the Consular Office of this Embassy has requested and obtained the Nulla Osta and the Delega of the competent authority (Questura in Italy or Embassy or Consulate of Italy of reference in the country of foreign residence).

The application procedure for Nulla Osta and Delega will be activated after receiving the request - made in person - to issue the new passport. The Questura in Italy, according to the regulations in force, have up to 15 days (extendable to 30) to provide feedback. After the granting of these authorizations, the applicant will be contacted to arrange a second appointment with the Embassy for the printing and the issuance of the new passport.



Italian nationals who have lost or whose passport was stolen and have the urgent need to leave, must go to the Consular Office, as a rule at least 3 to 4 days before departure without an appointment as long as the office is open to the public, to ask for the issuance of an ETD (Emergency Travel Document) for the purpose of returning to Italy (or the country of residence). The interested parties must present themselves with:

- 2 recent colour passport photos, with the face in the foreground and white background, with dimensions: 4 cm high by 3.5 cm wide (the size of the face must occupy about 2/3 of the passport photo);

- Theft/loss report issued by local Police Authorities;

- Return flight ticket to Italy or country of residence;

- Photocopy of passport or other identification document, if in possession;

- 1.55 Euros: payment must be made in cash in Philippine peso equivalent (the exchange rate is set quarterly by the Embassy).



Until the age of 14, Italian minors may travel internationally provided that they are accompanied by at least one parent or guardian.

For minors under 14 years of age who intend to travel abroad without being accompanied by either parent, it is necessary that the name of the person, organization or transport company to whom the minors are entrusted be mentioned on the passport of the person concerned or on an accompanying declaration issued by the Embassy.

The accompanying declaration can only cover one trip (to be understood as a return trip) from the child's country of residence with a specific destination and cannot normally exceed a maximum period of six months.

The name of the accompanying person in the passport or the accompanying declaration must be requested by both parents. The form for the accompanying declaration is available in the "Forms" section of our website or at the Consular Office of the Embassy.