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AIRE Registration


AIRE Registration

Civil Registrar

NEW: Application for AIRE registration through FAST.IT portal web

We would like to inform fellow citizens that either AIRE registration or changes in residence address can be completed through/via the online/website portal of consular services (FAST IT).

Fast registration service for AIRE is available at

Please follow the instructions. Authentication can occurr also using SPID.

More info available at the following link 



The Office of Civil registrar oversees the register of Italian citizens living abroad (AIRE).

According to Law 470 of 1988 all Italian citizens moving their residence abroad have to declare it to the competent consular office within 90 days upon arrival.

AIRE registration is required to obtain all documents and certificates issued by the Consular Office . Further, the registration on the consulate data- base system significantly reduces the time to processing documents.

Italian citizens have to be at least recorded in the registry of one of the Italian municipalities. Registration allow them to exercise their rights and duties considering their specific condition. Italian citizens must communicate any changes on their civil/personal data to the competent municipality (e.g. civil status, citizenship, home address, family composition).

Italian citizens can live either in Italy or abroad. In the first case (residence in Italy), they will be registered in the Registry of the resident population (APR) of the belonging municipality on which they will refer to for the processing of any civil documentation issues. In the second case (residence abroad), they will appear on the registry of Italian citizens living abroad (AIRE) corresponding to their municipality of origin or of the last residence before expatriation, respectively. Such/thereof citizens can refer to the Italian consular office at the foreign place of residence for the processing of any civil documentation. The consular Office will operate as intermediate between thereof citizens and their corresponding Italian municipality.


AIRE REGISTRATION (Italian citizens from Italy or other locations)

Registration is free of charge.

The application form for the registration (available at the following section ) has to be attached with a validate document certifying the residence within the consular jurisdiction (e.g. residence certificate issued by the foreign authority, residence permit, foreign ID, copy of employment contract, etc..). If the application is not personally presented, a copy of his ID has to be attached, too.

In case of minors in the family unit, the registration must be presented and signed by both parents.

Required documentation:

1. Application form entirely fill in ( see section)

2. Copy of passport including all pages presenting entry and exit stamps from the Philippines. Italian citizens born abroad must present the certification of birth issued by the foreign country, translated and subscribed by the Italian municipality

3. Copy of the documentation proving the current residence in the Philippines, such as act of residence issued by the local authority, Certificate of civil registration in a municipality (Barangay), renting contract, bank statement, associations bills, VISA and/or permission of work or employment contract.

NOTE: Tourist VISA cannot be considered a proof of residence

4. Copy of passport and VISA for every member of the family who want to be registered. In case of dual citizenship a copy of both passports –Italian and Filipino- should be presented.


How to submit the documentation:

- Through the online portal FAST IT

- Personally hand in all the documentation, showing up at the Consular Office of Manila (appointment required) during opening hours from Monday to Friday 9.00 – 12.00.

- Sending a scanned copy of all the documentation via e-mail or PEC (documents must be in PDF format, divided per type and not exceed a total of 5MB)

- Sending all the documentation via courier mail with confirmation of receipt to the following address


The Embassy of Italy, Manila
Consular Section

5th Floor, Tower B

One Campus Place

McKinley Hill

Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines



Required documentation:

1. form for the change of residence, entirely fill in (see section “Modulistica”)

2. copy of the documents related to the new address (heading of the house bills)

3. copy of the passport

Submission of the documentation can be done by the same means above specified.



Applications will be taken into account only if completed. The whole process might take a few months, considering the different steps and enties/authorities involved.

Communicating on time any changes concerning civil/personal information, it is not only a citizen’s duty but it will also allow Italian offices to have up-to-date information about all citizens, simplifying the interaction between Embassy and Italian citizens and speeding up the provision of services.