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Sale of Properties of the Government of Italy - public session for opening of bids



Sale of Properties of the Government of Italy - public session for opening of bids

LAST UPDATE: the Embassy of Italy is pleased to inform that the Pubblic Session - Awarding Report (click here) has been published.  


The Embassy of Italy informs that, as established by the bidding documents regarding the sale of real estate properties of the Government of Italy (click here), the Evaluation Committee appointed for the purpose upon the expiration of the deadline for submitting bids, on October 20, 2022 at 10:00 am, in a public session open to bidders, as well as to authorized representatives of the bidders, proceeds to open the envelopes and examines the documents enclosed.

The amount of the bid must be equal to or higher than the base price. No bids lower than the base price will be accepted.

No bids will be accepted that are conditional or indefinitely formulated or simply referring to another bid by the same bidder or to someone else's bid. Bids must be formulated in numbers and words. In case of a discrepancy, the most profitable amount for the Italian Government shall prevail.

The award of the property, without prejudice to the provisions set forth in the general terms and conditions, shall be awarded to the bidder who submitted the highest bid in reference to the base price.

The auction will be awarded also in case of a single bid, provided that it is considered suitable and congruous.

The Embassy of Italy in Manila, at its sole discretion, reserves the right not to award or to suspend or to definitely interrupt the procedure, without any option for participants to file complaints or claim for compensation or indemnity for any reason.

ATTENTION: In case any bidder prefers to attend the public session via videoconference, please write to requesting the corresponding link.